Level I Youngest Camper

Completed Pre-K, Kindergarten or 1st Grade

Our workshops and hands on activities led by exciting professionals in the field of science challenge our "young scientists" to discover the magic in the world around them. Each week focuses on different aspects of the scientific world. Hands on activities with plants and animals will be enriched with visiting programs such as The Maryland Science Center, Reptile Man, and Wildlife Adventures. You are sure to be amazed by all that your "young scientists" discover this summer with the Camp Bravo Science Program.

Level II Intermediate

Completed 2nd or 3rd Grades

Our middle groups participate in some spectacular demonstrations from the world of science and are presented by a variety of professionals and organizations. Past programs include Eric Energy, Mad Science, Scales & Tales, the Maryland Academy of Science and the Reptile Man. In addition, in house workshops include experimenting with slime, mud, kitchen chemistry and the power of water and gravity. Our science program is a lot of fun. We offer excellent opportunities for hands on activities and excitement.

Level III Advanced

Completed 4th Grade and Up

Our older campers participate in a variety of hands on workshops. These workshops are coordinated and presented by various visiting groups. One popular set of activities presented by the Department of Natural Resources include canoeing, seine fishing and shoreline walks. Another presented by the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute provides a classroom oriented workshop on DNA. Additional workshop include the art of illusion, forensic studies and survival techniques. This program is geared to get our campers exposed to the many opportunities that science has to offer.